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Conflict of Interest

Due to perceived conflict, but more importantly, due to Florida Bar Rules regarding a client’s attorney being discouraged from acting as a witness in the case at issue, Dr. David Sandefur will not treat and represent the same patient/client. However, with 18 years experience treating injured patients, Dr. Sandefur has a network of professional and quality injury physicians to recommend for a client’s injury care.


Accepting Your Case

Florida Law Doc is selective about which cases it accepts to optimize our professional services. If we choose not to take your case we will tell you why, recommend a second opinion, offer a list of reputable attorneys for this service and advise you on the statute of limitations on your case so that you will be informed of the time constraints that could ultimately limit any recovery.


Fees & Costs

At Florida Law Doc, Personal Injury Clients Don’t Owe a Penny Until Compensation is Obtained.

Lawyer’s fees and costs vary depending on each case. Florida Law Doc is proud to be able to handle Auto Accident cases across Florida that are based on a contingent fee. A contingent fee is based on the amount of recovery obtained so that you do not pay any fees if you do not recover from the negligent parties. 

Although the percentage of contingency may vary, generally it is 33% of any recovery through the time that the negligent party has filed an answer to a lawsuit filed by you. Thereafter the fee is 40%. This percentage can vary based on other factors and in some cases, as the recovery increases, the fee percentage decreases. 

You Pay Costs for Pursing the Claim From Your Recovery at the End of the Case. If There is No Recovery, You Do Not Pay Any Fees.

Costs are payable from the recovery. Costs include any money expended by Florida Law Doc in pursuing the personal injury case. For example, Florida Law Doc will have to pay to obtain medical records, radiographic films, accident reports, investigator fees, copy charges, phone charges, etc. Furthermore, if a lawsuit is filed, a filing fee will have to be paid; deposition fees, expert fees, further investigation fees, process server fees, trial exhibit fees, video services fees, and various other fees may be incurred.

Incurring these kinds of expenses is necessary to further a case. Florida Law Doc pays all of these expenses up front so that the cases can be pursued until recovery is obtained.

Contingency Fees Help Eliminate the Worry About How to Pay to Recover Damages.

Both attorney’s fees and costs are contingent through Florida Law Doc. Essentially, that means if there is no recovery, clients do not owe Florida Law Doc one penny. Any costs and expenses incurred by Florida Law Doc will be completely written off.

If you have any questions, please contact us.